Our take on the wild and spontaneous is a marriage of traditional brewing ingredients with cocktail inspiration. We believe this brings a unique experience that will surely leave your palate altered.


When we say small batch we mean small batch we brew our Palate Altering Ales™ on a humble  5 HL Brewhouse. At Manifest we have a focus on the wild and spontaneous as well as Northwest inspired hop forward beers.


When it comes to IPA we believe simple is not always better. We strive to bring the freshest and most complex Palate Altering IPAs to you. We have one chance to make your experience a memorable one.

Urban Funk

Located on 7th and Willamette near multiple music and art venues, next to Eugene’s Saturday Market and Farmers Market with plenty of parking.

Something Different

With our focus on the wild and spontaneous you can expect something different when you try our beer.

Oregon Roots

Owners Gary Miller and Brandon Woodruff are well rooted in the Oregon. Gary a graduate of South Eugene High School has lived in the Willamette Valley for over 40 years. Brandon followed his fathers footsteps as a graduate of North Eugene High School. Both Brandon and Gary share a common vision of local first.

Our Inspiration

From the turbid unpasteurized and spontaneously fermented Lambic style beers to massive Palate Altering IPAs, Stouts, Porters, Belgians and more we hope you not only enjoy our beer, but enjoy the experience!

Ready Serve

Some aged beers are absolutely amazing and take on a whole new life after months or even years of maturity. With our hop forward beers its our goal to have you experience what our brewer does when the beer is ready to serve. Ask about our “Single Day IPAs”.