Dregs of Apostasy


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Dregs of Apostasy  |  Helles Lager

The last beer we brewed before the Covid-19 Global Pandemic and the shutdown orders by Gov. Kate Brown.

Faced with brotheren and sisters of the brewing community closing on what already felt like a weekly basis. Helles was no doubt upon us. We were all but ready for in imminent demise, Yet, Helles had never faced, “Eugene’s very own Rasputin of a brewery”, it had never met the likes of blood sweat and tears like this before. Onward we go, out of Constantine we shall rise once more.

Brewed with 100% German grown barley, German lager yeast, and abundance of Czech Saaz, Hallertauer, and Tettnanger. Flavors of biscuit and honey are perfectly matched by classic hop varietals bringing pleasant spice and floral to this seasonal offering.

5.4 Abv.     |     27 IBU

16oz Can

4-Pack, Single 16oz Can